Does lack of commitment affect you?

Reflecting back on numerous coaching interactions lately, a common thread I am finding, is that many people either have a fear of committing because they will then have to follow through or because they know they won’t follow through.

It seems that being accountable to others, is far easier than being accountable to ourselves. Which is more important? What is it that we need, to truly be accountable to ourselves and what is it about commitment that we fear so much?

I guess for myself, from past experience, it would be more the fear of failing once I have committed to something. What I have found throughout my training, personal development and coaching sessions is, that when we follow through on our commitments, however small they may be, we start putting ourselves into the flow of life. Things start to work for us. Generally, stretching ourselves 20% out of our comfort zone allows for a more probable achievement of the commitment set and slowly we keep stretching and thus we keep growing.

Life is a journey of self-commitment. We are the Creators of our experiences and if we are the Creator of ‘non-commitment’ our experiences will be exactly that. Life will reflect non-commitment back to us.

Ultimately, what do you WANT? What is it going to take for you to commit, 100%, to that which you want? Are you prepared to take responsibility for being the Creator of your experiences?